Neither our courage… nor can we vacate the mosque, may Allah protect Pakistan… Why did the star cricketer have to tweet

New Delhi. ‘We are a brave community. Neither can they break our spirits nor can they vacate our mosque, Insha Allah. Only this question comes in the heart that to whom should we complain about this? May Allah Pak protect Pakistan and let the wind of love and peace blow. Amen.’ Pakistan’s star cricketer Mohammad Rizwan tweeted this on Monday night. This tweet of Rizwan came after the Peshawar blast. More than 60 people died and more than 150 were injured in this attack.

A suicide attack took place in Peshawar’s mosque on Monday afternoon. The attack took place during prayers in a packed mosque in a heavily guarded area. According to security officials, at 1.40 pm, when people were offering Namaz, a suicide bomber sitting in the front row blew himself up. More than 60 people died due to this. Peshawar is in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

Condemning the suicide attack, Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Rizwan gave a message to the people to keep their spirits up. He did a long tweet for this. But the responses to his tweet clearly show that people are now fed up with messages of encouragement.

While replying to Mohammad Rizwan, Mohsin Khan wrote, ‘Brother, how long will you pretend to be a brave community? We sacrifice every time and also console ourselves that we are a brave community. Wow. When will it be okay? Are we not even entitled to a basic simple life?

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Responding to Rizwan, another user wrote, ‘Keep it with yourself brother, we don’t want this bravery. Such bravery in which we have to give our lives without any crime. We don’t need all this! May Allah have mercy on all of us because our protectors have failed to save us.’

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