Not only ‘Hanuman’, these players including Rohit-Kumble also showed ‘Bajrang Roop’

Hanuma Vihari set an example

Be it any sport, there is always a passion within the player involved in it. This is the passion to take your team to the top and not to give up under any circumstances. A best and a champion is also made from such players. Something similar was also seen in the fourth quarter-final of Ranji Trophy, after which the whole world is now saluting the spirit of Hanuma Vihari.

Hanuma’s wrist broken while batting

Hanuma's wrist broken while batting

Actually Hanuma Vihari got seriously injured in the fourth quarter final of Ranji Trophy against Madhya Pradesh. He injured his wrist while batting. Scans revealed he had fractures but despite this he went out to bat with his broken wrist to help his team get in good shape. Seeing this, the world is now saluting his dedication for the team. Hanuma batted in difficult times on the field for the team despite having a hamstring even on the tour of Australia.

Bangladesh’s Rohit stunned with a bloody thumb

Bangladesh's Rohit stunned with a bloody thumb

This is not the first time that a player has given his life for his team despite a serious injury. Last year on the Bangladesh tour, captain Rohit Sharma came out to bat for the team with a bleeding thumb. India had got a target of 272 runs in the match but Rohit could not get down to open due to injury. Meanwhile, the wickets of Team India were continuously falling. In such a situation, India had reached the brink of defeat, when Rohit came out to bat at number 9 and scored an unbeaten 51 in 28 balls. After this, India was in a position to win the match but Rohit could not get support from any other player due to which Bangladesh managed to win the match by just 5 runs.

Anil Kumble bowled with a broken jaw

Anil Kumble bowled with a broken jaw

Something similar happened with former India captain and coach Anil Kumble. This is in the year 2002 when Team India was on a tour of the West Indies and in the Antigua Test, Anil Kumble’s jaw was completely broken due to being hit by a ball. His face was covered in blood and bandages and bandages were tied around his face. Nevertheless, he presented a unique example of sportsmanship by bowling regardless of his pain.

Smith fainted after being hit by the ball

Smith fainted after being hit by the ball

Former Australia captain Steve Smith is also known for his passion for cricket. This is the Lord’s incident in the 2019 Ashes Test series when he was hit in the neck by a fast bouncer from Jofra Archer. After this Smith fell unconscious on the ground but Smith did not give up and got up to bat again. After this, he played a strong inning of 92 runs before getting out for his team.

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