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‘Nothing wrong with it’: MCC statement on Deepti Sharma’s run out to Charlie Dean in ‘Mankad’

London. The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the law-making body of cricket, on Sunday justified the run out of England’s Charlie Dean by all-rounder Deepti Sharma at the bowling end. Deepti went ahead before bowling at the non-strike end, running out England’s last batsman Charlie Dean, which helped India win the match. Charlie Dean was then playing on 47 runs and England needed 17 runs to win. This run out was according to the rules of the game, but the England players were not happy with it.

Now MCC has issued its statement on this matter and said that there is nothing wrong in it. The MCC said in a statement, “Saturday was an unusual end to a truly exciting match, in which the officials played an appropriate role and should not be considered anything else.” It said, “The message of the MCC to the batsmen at the bowling end will be to stay at the crease until they see the ball coming out of the bowler’s hand.” By doing this, one cannot get out like Charlie Dean.

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Recently, the International Cricket Council (ICC) modified the playing conditions to make such dismissals ‘run out’ from ‘unfair play’. These changes will come into effect from October 1. The MCC said this was done to clarify the matter and ensure the batsmen do not leave the crease at the bowling end before the ball is bowled. “The rules are clear enough to be easily interpreted for all umpires at all levels of play and at all moments of play,” the statement said.

“As a custodian of the spirit of cricket, the MCC appreciates that it is interpreted differently around the world,” it said. The respectful debate is healthy and should continue because where one person sees the bowler as violating the spirit of the game in such instances, the other points to the batsman at the bowling end to gain an unfair advantage by leaving his field early.

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