Opener goes to toilet in every match after toss, Rohit Sharma was furious before batting, disclosed in front of everyone

New Delhi. Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma has been opening the innings for the Indian team for more than 10 years. His opening partner for Team India used to be Shikhar Dhawan. For a long time both of them opened for India and also scored runs against the opposing team fiercely. Rohit Sharma told an anecdote about Dhawan which is very funny. He had a habit of going to the toilet after the toss in every match, due to which Rohit Sharma used to get in trouble.

Whenever he has to go down for batting, he goes to the toilet. I tell him that let’s hurry up Shikhar to go for batting. I like to reach the ground 5 minutes earlier. I tell him only one thing Shikhar yaar how this happens before every match with you. See, he does not play the first ball. I have to face the first ball. I like to go inside the ground early so that I can set up beforehand. Let me see the field and understand other things very well.

See, if Shikhar Dhawan had done this to me in a match, then there is no problem, but this happens with him before going out to bat in every match. Well there is one more thing that if Shikhar had to face the first ball, then no problem, he can stay in the toilet as long as he wants, but the thing is that I have to play the ball, then it becomes a big problem. .

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