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Opinion: Mr. ‘The Wall’ Whenever you relied on you for leadership, you only gave Dard-e-Dil in return

New Delhi: Almost a night has passed since Team India’s humiliating defeat at the hands of England in the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup, but being a cricket fan, the mind is still upset. The pain is not that Team India lost, it’s that the match slipped from the hands of the world No. 1 T20 team from the very first over and our entire team was only speculating. I can also understand that every player of Team India will be upset by this defeat, but then the question arises in the mind, where did we go wrong that we had to face so much misfortune. After much deliberation over the mistakes committed by Team India, my mind has come to the conclusion that coach Rahul Dravid is most responsible for this defeat.

Because of this I consider Rahul Dravid responsible
Rahul Dravid is the most experienced in Team India at the moment. He has experience of 164 Tests, 344 ODIs, one T20 and 89 IPL matches. Apart from this, he also has the experience of handling the pressure of 3 World Cups. There is also the experience of taking pressure as a captain in a World Cup. Not only this, he also has the experience of playing the role of the head of the National Cricket Academy (NCA). Even after this, in the 2022 T20 World Cup, no such decision was seen in the interest of his team on any front, which should be discussed separately.

I was disappointed whenever I relied on leadership
Because of the art of batting at the crease, we fans started calling you ‘The Wall’. Looking at your cricketing prowess, we have been demanding that you be made the captain after our defeat in the final of the 2003 World Cup. In the 2007 World Cup held in West Indies, the team was sent under your captaincy. I hope you are patient. Perhaps you will take better decisions than Sourav Ganguly and will be helpful in forgetting the pain of the 2003 final loss. But you were disappointed. In the 2007 World Cup, Team India got out in the very first round after losing to a team like Bangladesh. It was clear from the report at that time that you were helpless in front of coach Greg Chappell. You didn’t have enough strength as a captain to take decisions on your own in the interest of the team. Even after such a huge loss, to cover up your failures, we blamed Greg Chappell entirely for the humiliating 2007 defeat.

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At that time also the question came in my mind that Greg is an Australian, how will he be attached to Team India, but Rahul Dravid is his own blood. Why didn’t his blood boil over the defeat of Team India? Even after being the captain, why didn’t he go ahead and take decisions in the interest of the team. Alam was that you could not even keep the team united. The news of estrangement between teammates started coming in the media every day. Knowing everything, consoled the mind that Rahul Dravid is the talent of his country, so it is also his own responsibility to cover up his failures.
T20 WC 2022: Will Rohit be discharged from captaincy, senior players are set to be blamed, BCCI has made preparationsWe put our trust in you once again after the loss in the 2021 T20 World Cup. This confidence arose because you had been the head of the National Cricket Academy. So it seemed that you would be well aware of the strength and weakness of most of the players of Team India. That’s why you were appointed Team India Head Coach. You must also understand that the coach of any team is the guardian. It is his responsibility to get the best out of every player in the interest of the team. If a captain is taking wrong decisions amidst the pressure of the match on the field, a bowler is bowling on the wrong line, a batsman is hitting the wrong shot, or someone is taking the wrong approach in fielding, then as a coach you can immediately take these steps. Observe the things and get them corrected. But first in the 2022 Asia Cup then the 2022 T20 World Cup, you looked relatively calm.

Rahul Dravid you made these mistakes
First in the Asia Cup and then in the T20 World Cup, why did you continue to rely so much on the opening pair of Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul. Especially KL Rahul kept flopping continuously, but instead of giving a chance to someone else in his place, you kept covering his mistakes. Being a cricket fan, we also understand that if a player has to be groomed, then he can be trusted in bilateral tournaments and not in important tournaments like the World Cup. Apart from this, in quick cricket formats like T20, every team scores fast runs in the first five overs. But you did not know what gurumantra you gave to Team India, throughout the tournament, our opener kept trying to settle on the crease. An opener from a team like Bangladesh scored 66 runs against us in the powerplay, but we were able to score 100 runs in the 15th over in an important match like the semi-final.
Why carry poor performing players when Dhoni has not been hit even after a while?Mr The Wall, you played cricket with Virender Sehwag. Did you forget that in ODIs or Tests, Sehwag used to bat fast in the opening, India used to win in most of the matches, the pressure on middle order batsmen like you also eased. It felt like you have taught the team’s opening batsman to bat in your own way. If you want to learn to bat in your own way, then just give the example of the innings played against New Zealand in 2003, in which you came out to bat in 44.2 overs and hit a fifty in 22 balls.

Why do you trust R Ashwin so much?
R Ashwin is a prolific Test bowler, but has been more harmful than beneficial for the team on most occasions in T20s or ODIs. The leg-spinners from England were troubling our batsmen, but you kept Yuzvendra Chahal on the bench throughout the tournament. Don’t know why you kept trusting R Ashwin so much. R Ashwin remained the opponent’s batsman’s favorite throughout the tournament, but you just kept watching. Apart from this, don’t know even on Dinesh Karthik, why did you keep showing so much trust. Though you tried to rectify your mistake by fielding Rishabh Pant in the semi-finals, but by then it was too late.
India vs Eng: Indian players were dropping catches and clapping, this defeat will never be digested by a country that lives cricketYou did not play the role of the Guardian
The coach is the guardian in any team. Where the captain’s thinking power gives answers, the coach’s mind game begins. Throughout the tournament, Rohit Sharma kept on attacking in the same way, whether the team was in good position or in bad condition. He didn’t seem to be doing anything. Even after this, Rahul’s involvement as a coach was not shown. You just kept on hiding the mistakes of your team. The whole tournament felt like you are the coach of the team, but someone else is taking the decisions. As in the 2007 World Cup, you were the captain, but the decision was taken by Greg Chappell. Didn’t seem to take any decision going ahead. It is understandable that if you have the winning experience of cricket, given that if you ask to take a decision, hardly any player of the team ignores it. There are many other things in my mind regarding you but all I will say is that when we have so much faith in you, please go ahead and take decisions and save us from being embarrassed like this in a tournament like World Cup. Even after being an experienced member of the family, if the team suffers so much misfortune, then what will be the use of you being there or not.

Note: This article is solely the personal views of the author.



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