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Pakistan may not win the World Cup, the same thing happened 30 years ago, tension to India!

Sydney: The hopes and prayers and requests of more than 22 crore Pakistanis came to fruition when the Netherlands made a big upset by defeating tournament favorites South Africa on the morning of Sunday i.e. 6 November. South Africa lost the do or die match and Pakistan got the advantage. Babar Sena, on the verge of being eliminated from the tournament, qualified for the first semi-final and now beat New Zealand to reach their third final. But anyone who follows Pakistan cricket closely will not be surprised by this miracle. 30 years ago, the Imran Khan-led team won the World Cup with something similar, that too on Australian soil.

What happened 30 years ago?

Australia was hosting the 50-over World Cup in 1992. This was the first time the tournament was being played in colorful clothes. Like the current World Cup, there too Pakistan started their campaign with a defeat. Then West Indies were defeated, this time by Pakistan. Pakistan had to face India in both the tournaments. Like this time Babar’s army made a strong comeback with three consecutive victories. Exactly the same thing happened 30 years ago. In 1992 too, Pakistan made it to the semi-finals on the last day of the tournament. Pakistan were fourth in 1992 with 9 points, just above Australia (8), and this year were ahead of South Africa (5) with 6 points.

Still beat NZ in the semifinals

In the 1999 World Cup, Pakistan defeated New Zealand in the semi-finals and won their first World Cup, taking on England in the final. Will it be the same this time as well? The second semi-final is to be played between India and England in Adelaide on November 10. If these miracles are to be seen and coincidence is to be believed, then England would have defeated India in the semi-final and Pakistan looked to win the final.

Whoever wins will be the second title

  • Pakistan: Title 1, Runner-up 1
  • India: Title 1, Runner-up 1
  • England: Title 1, Runner-up 1

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