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Pakistan was on the foul, despite the fraud, could not beat Zimbabwe

Perth: After playing the final of the Asia Cup 2022, the Pakistani cricket team, which won the tri-series in New Zealand, was considered a strong contender for the T20 World Cup. But now Babar Sena is on the verge of being out of the tournament. Zimbabwe made a big upset by defeating Pakistan on Thursday night. Batting first, Zimbabwe scored 130 for eight, thanks to Shaun Williams’ 31. In reply, the Pakistani team could only manage 129 runs for eight wickets. To avoid this embarrassing defeat in the last over, the Pakistani team had also come down on foul, despite this, could not win.

Controversy over Mankading run out

Actually, Pakistan needed 3 runs to win off the last ball of the match. Scoring 2 runs would have tied the match, after which the decision would have been in the Super Over. When Brad Evans, the bowler handling the responsibility of the last over, was in his run-up, Mohammad Wasim Jr., standing at the non-striking end, had already left the crease before bowling the ball in an attempt to steal a run. If Evans wanted, Mankading could have run out Wasim while throwing the ball. According to the new rules of the ICC, Mankading out at the non-striker end has now come under the ambit of run-out.

Pakistan lost despite being dishonest
Now pictures of this incident are becoming increasingly viral on Twitter. Fans are strongly criticizing Mohammad Wasim Jr. However, the incident did not affect the outcome of the match as player of the match Sikandar Raza shrewdly threw the ball at the keeper’s end, leaving Shaheen Afridi run-out and causing a shameful defeat for Pakistan.

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