Pakistani anchor Zainab Abbas took Virat’s interview, fans said – Kohli’s bad luck started


India will play its first match in the T20 World Cup on 23 October.
India’s first match will be against Pakistan at the MCG.
The Super 12 round of the T20 World Cup will start from October 22.

New Delhi. Pakistan’s beautiful sports anchor Zainab Abbas has fulfilled an old dream of hers. Zainab has got a chance to interview the legendary cricketer Virat Kohli. The sports anchor himself has given this information through his social media. Zainab has given this information while sharing a picture with Virat Kohli, but with this the fans have started saying that now Virat Kohli’s bad luck has started. Let us know why the fans are saying this for Virat after taking a picture with Zainab.

Sharing his picture with Virat Kohli, Zainab Abbas wrote, “Every day you don’t get a chance to talk/interview with Kohli, what a wonderful speaker. The full interview will be on ICC channels soon.” While it was a happy moment for Zainab, Kohli’s fans did not like it. Since Zainab is from Pakistan, fans think it is a bad omen just before the India vs Pakistan match.

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Actually, Zainab Abbas took a selfie with Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers during the 2017 Champions Trophy. After Zainab’s selfie, both Virat and de Villiers were out on zero in their next match. In such a situation, Kohli’s fans feel that history can repeat itself. That’s why he feels that after getting photographed with Zainab, misfortune may start for Virat Kohli.

On this tweet of Zainab, the fans have remembered those old incidents.

Let us tell you that Virat Kohli was running out form for a long time, but before the Asia Cup 2022 he took a long break. Virat himself had told that he has not even touched the bat in this break. Virat Kohli regained his lost form during the Asia Cup. He also ended his three-year century drought by playing an unbeaten 122 against Afghanistan.

In the ICC T20 World Cup 2022, fans have high hopes from Virat Kohli, because now he has returned to form. In such a situation, the fans do not want Virat Kohli to lose his form due to any reason.

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