Pakistan’s legendary cricketer’s wife died in India, gave up drug addiction, then married a girl 17 years younger

There have been many ups and downs in the personal life of Wasim Akram, former veteran bowler of the Pakistan cricket team. Wasim Akram made Pakistan cricket team’s psychologist Huma Mufti his partner in 1995. Both had two sons and life was going on happily that in 2009, Huma’s fever took away everything. In 2009, Huma Akram said goodbye to the world. After this, Akram became very lonely and went into depression, but he soon took care of himself and left the drug addiction. After this, in 2013, love re-entered his life in the form of Australian Shanaira. Even though the age gap between the two is 17 years, but there is no distance in love.

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