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‘Play by the rules and…’: Deepti Sharma’s ‘Mankad’ run out gets support from former Australia star

London. Charlie Dean’s run-out by Deepti Sharma at the non-striker’s end remains a topic of discussion in the cricket world. The entire cricket fraternity seems to be divided about this. Some people are calling it wrong from the perspective of sportsmanship, while many cricketers are supporting Deepti Sharma by citing ICC rules. Now former Australia fast bowler Jason Gillespie has taken his stand on the debate and said that it will always be right to play according to the rules and nowhere is it mentioned that the batsman needs to be warned.

In fact, Deepti went ahead before bowling at the non-strike end and ran out Charlie Dean, which helped India win the third ODI at Lord’s. Charlie Dean was then playing on 47 runs and England needed 17 runs to win. This run out was according to the rules of the game, but the England players were not happy with it.

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The incident took another turn on Monday when Deepti Sharma revealed that Team India had warned Dean, and when he kept getting out of his crease time and again, they decided to run him out. did. After reaching Kolkata from England, Deepti said on Monday, ‘This was our plan because she was doing this again and again, we had already warned her. We did our work according to the rules and guidelines.

Deepti said that the players of the team had also told the umpire about his frequent exit from the crease before dismissing Dean. He said, ‘We told the umpire, yet she was going out. In such a situation, we could not do anything. This method of run out is currently classified as an ‘unfair manner’, but it will be classified as a ‘run out’ in the ICC Rules of the Game, which will come into force from next month.

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