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Rahul Dravid: Any such act… Coach Rahul Dravid’s reaction after the video of Virat Kohli’s hotel room went viral

Adelaide: A video of Indian team captain Virat Kohli’s hotel room went viral on social media. Virat expressed his disappointment about this. Now the statement of Indian team’s head coach Rahul Dravid has come on this. Dravid on Tuesday said that Virat Kohli’s breach of privacy in Perth is disappointing as it is the place where Indian cricketers stay away from the public eye.

A member of the housekeeping staff of the Crown Hotel in Perth filmed Kohli’s room and posted it on social media. Kohli had expressed his displeasure over this. Dravid said on the eve of the T20 World Cup match against Bangladesh, ‘It is definitely disappointing. Not only Virat, no one takes such action easily. It’s disappointing.’

The head coach said the idea of ​​making a hotel room public is scary. “We took up the issue with the concerned authorities. He has taken action. Hopefully now people will be more cautious because this is a place where you feel that you are out of the public eye.

Rahul Dravid said, ‘It is a place where you feel safe. If this protection is also not there then it is not really a good thing. Dravid is glad that Kohli handled the incident well. “I think he handled it really well,” he said. He is comfortable and has come here for practice.

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