Ramadan: Kota’s 9-year-old Mahira fasts, practices cricket in summer

quota, These days the holy month of Ramadan is going on for the Muslim community. People are getting the fruits of goodness by keeping fast. In Islam, fasting is the duty of every adult. In return for one good deed done in this month, one gets the result equal to seventy good deeds. It is obligatory on every adult man and woman to fast for the whole month in Ramadan. From small children to the elderly are keeping fast in Kota city.

In this holy month, the children of Kota from 7 years to 11 years have kept fast. In spite of the heat, innocent children are fasting with great enthusiasm. The maximum temperature of summer in Kota is 35 to 40 degrees Celsius. Without hunger and thirst for 15 hours, not only children, but also elders find it difficult to fast. In such a situation, the courage of these children is commendable.

Mahira Khan, a 9-year-old girl living in Kota, also keeps fast. Mahira, who studies in class six, has kept fasts since the beginning, she also goes to school and after school, Mahira practices for many hours at the Cricket Academy.

She also gives her best performance in the cricket field. Mahira told that she does not feel hungry and thirsty at all on the cricket pitch. Mahira told that when the people of the house get up for Sehri at 3 in the morning, she also gets up. Namaz is offered after Sehri.

Mahira tells that by fasting she becomes concentrated and her attention does not get distracted. Even after fasting, she practices like normal days.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 28, 2023

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