Rohit had put a condition in front of Ritika for marriage, mother had ‘forced’ her


Mumbai Indians will start their campaign in IPL from 2nd April
Rohit Sharma’s team will have its first match against Royal Challengers Bangalore.

New Delhi. Along with the cricket career of Team India and Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma, his life is also wonderful. The first meeting of Rohit and his wife Ritika Sajdeh was nothing special. Apart from being a sports manager, Ritika is also Rakhi sister of Yuvraj Singh. Even before meeting Ritika, Yuvraj Singh warned Rohit that she is his sister, keep this in mind before talking to her.

In the first meeting, Rohit Sharma considered Ritika to be arrogant. However, after one or two meetings, his misunderstanding was cleared. Rohit also told the story during an interview when he had put a condition in front of Ritika before marriage. According to Rohit, I had my first meeting with Ritika during a shoot. Yuvraj Singh and Irfan Pathan were also together during that shoot. Even before I could talk to Ritika, Yuvi said that don’t even look at her, she is my sister. According to Rohit, gradually I became friends with Ritika and then it turned into love. A time has come when both of us decided that now the family members should be told about their relationship.

Ritika’s weakness was hit
According to Rohit Sharma, I went to Ritika’s house to meet her family. Ritika’s mother is so sweet that I never felt that I am at someone else’s house. Ritika’s father is also very kind hearted. Whatever is in the mind is on their tongue. Our relationship got the family’s yes. Rohit further told, then I made a joke with Ritika. Actually, Ritika didn’t know cooking then and I told her that mother has said that cooking should be a must. It is the rule of our house that a girl should have this skill.

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Rohit told that when I put this condition in front of Ritika, she said that I will learn to cook. I then told Ritika that it was just a joke. According to Rohit, Ritika has not only learned cooking but she has also started cooking amazing food. Ritika is present at the stadium in the matches of Mumbai Indians in IPL.

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