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Rohit Jangid Vegan Day 2022: This champion player is 100% vegan, people are surprised to see the tough body

New Delhi: Six pack abs, agile body and cheetah speed… People are surprised to see the body of this player of Wushu, the most dangerous format of martial arts. The name of this player is Rohit Jangid and he has increased the respect of India 4 times at the international level. Today is Vegan Day 2022 and after seeing the pictures you will be surprised to know that this player is completely Vegan.

He told- You need more protein to make muscles, but it is not that it can be fulfilled only by non-veg. Vegetarianism also has the nutrition that can meet the needs of your body. Describing about his diet, he says – Half a kilo of almonds, two hundred and fifty grams of dry grapes are in the daily diet. People often ask me that if you do not eat non-veg, do not even take dairy products, then how did you make such a body and how are you so fit? People get surprised.

What is Vegan Diet?
Many people are confused about the vegan diet, so let us tell you that it is completely vegetarian. It also does not include dairy products. That is, this player does not take non-veg, egg, milk or any kind of dairy product. Vegan diets include other products such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Rohit is a constable in Rajasthan Police
Rohit is currently busy preparing for the International Championship. Constable Rohit Jangid in Rajasthan Police has won 4 international medals for the country including a silver medal in the South Asian Wushu Championship. He has a world ranking of 4 in the 65 kg weight category.

Achievements so far

  • International Wushu Championship, Hong Kong – Silver Medal
  • International Wushu Championships, Tbilisi (Georgia) – Bronze Medal
  • South Asian Wushu Championship Nepal, Silver Medal
  • Silver Medal in International Wushu

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