Rohit was threatened by the police to put him in jail, yet he did not leave the habit, he used to do this work

New Delhi. In IPL 2023, all eyes are on the Mumbai Indians captained by Rohit Sharma. Under the leadership of Hitman, Mumbai has won the IPL title for a record 5 times. Whether Rohit is able to put the sixth title in Mumbai’s bag or not, or the coming time will tell. However, now the talk will not be about Hitman’s record but about his personal life. Rohit means Ro-hit Sharma of the fans… Rohit has been crazy about cricket since childhood. This craze was to such an extent that he used to play cricket with his three or four friends day or night, from time to time.

The people living in the building were upset due to this habit of Rohit Sharma. In a show, Rohit mentioned the story of his childhood. He told that once playing cricket inside the building was difficult for him. In fact, even after persuading Rohit did not agree, the upset neighbors called the police.

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threatened to put in jail
Rohit Sharma told that my uncle and aunt are fond of cricket. Uncle’s eyes were always on my game. When I used to play cricket inside the building, my uncle used to stand on the terrace and watch my game. He used to focus a lot on my batting. He used to see what he is doing, how he is batting.

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According to Rohit, while playing cricket inside the building in my childhood, I broke the glasses of many windows. Once the neighbors complained to the police. The police came and threatened us that if we do it again, we will be put in jail. After that we went outside the building to the ground and started playing cricket. However, how could we get rid of the habit of childhood so soon, we too used to play cricket inside the building sometimes. The process of breaking the glasses of people’s windows also continued.

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