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Russia Ukraine war: Russia expelled from FIFA World Cup, can also be excluded from Olympics

new Delhi: In order to attack Ukraine, there has been a campaign to isolate Russia from the world (Russia vs Ukraine). The sports world has even started taking tough measures against Russia. FIFA and the European Football Federation (UEFA), the largest football body in the world, have banned Russia.

football out of world cup

Russia has been dropped from the Football World Cup to be held in Qatar later this year. Not only this, Russian football clubs have been banned from participating in every tournament and championship around the world. UEFA also issued a statement saying that Russian club Sports Moscow has also been expelled from the European League. This means RB Leipzing has directly reached the quarter finals.

Russia-Ukraine War: Shock to Russia, may be cut from the Olympics, preparing to exclude from FIFA World Cup too
Honor withdrawn from Putin
In a statement, FIFA said, “We stand firmly in solidarity and our solidarity with those affected in Ukraine.” FIFA expressed hope that the situation in Ukraine will improve soon and football will once again become a factor of unity and peace among the people. The IOC has also withdrawn the ‘Olympic Order’ given to Vladimir Putin in 2011. After that this honor given to other Russian officers has also been withdrawn.

refused to play other countries

On March 24, the playoff of the World Cup qualifying match was to be played in Moscow, the capital of Russia. Poland had already refused to play in this pre-determined match. Apart from Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic also said that they would not field their teams against Russia. The women’s team, to be held in July, would have shown the strength to qualify for this year’s European Championships in England.

Earlier, the International Olympic Committee had also recommended a ban on Russia. The IOA said it was necessary to do so ‘to protect the integrity of global sporting events and the safety of all participants’. The IOC’s appeal also applies to players and officials from Belarus, which is supporting an attack from Russia.


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