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Sachin Tendulkar Shoaib Akhtar: When Shoaib Akhtar had to joke with Sachin Tendulkar, the fear of not getting a visa to India was troubling

New Delhi: Sachin Tendulkar – One of the greatest batsmen in cricket history. Shoaib Akhtar – Fastest recorded bowler in the history of cricket. There were tremendous matches between the two on the cricket field. Sometimes Akhtar was heavy and sometimes Sachin’s bat sent his balls outside the boundary line. Who can forget that six of 2003 World Cup.

Sachin was dropped
Shoaib Akhtar once jokingly dropped Sachin Tendulkar. The case was of 2007. Recalling this incident, Akhtar had said in an interview, ‘After Pakistan, I got the most love in India. I have many good memories associated with Indian tours. During the 2007 tour, all the players were meeting each other at the award function. As always I wanted to do something different. So I tried to raise Sachin only as a joke. I even picked him up but he slipped out of my hand and fell. However this was not a serious matter. But after that I felt that I have now left for work.

never get india visa
Shoaib Akhtar was very scared when Sachin fell. He even felt that if Sachin got hurt, he would never get a visa to India again. Akhtar said, ‘When Sachin slipped from my hand, I was afraid that if he becomes unfit or injured, I will never get a visa to India again. Indians will never let me come to their country and burn me alive. However, nothing happened to Sachin.

Shoaib had said that during that time Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh were also there and they told me that what are you doing man. However, later Shoaib hugged Sachin and asked if he was fine.

47-year-old Akhtar played the last match for Pakistan in 2011. He has 444 wickets in 224 international matches. At the same time, Sachin, who is called the God of Cricket, had said goodbye to international cricket in 2013. He is the highest run scorer in ODIs and Tests. He also has 100 international centuries to his name.

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