Salim Malik said a big thing on Wasim Akram’s allegations of ‘washing clothes and getting massage’

New Delhi. Former Pakistan fast bowler Wasim Akram, who is called the Sultan of Swing, is in tremendous discussion these days. Actually, he has made many revelations in his autobiography ‘Sultan: A Memoir’. He has also made many serious allegations against his fellow players. Akram told that in the early days of his career, Salim Malik used to treat him like a servant. Taking advantage of being senior, he asked me to wash my clothes and give him a massage. Salim Malik has now replied to these allegations and said that Wasim Akram himself is getting himself insulted by making such statements.

Former captain Malik told the Pakistani media, “I tried calling him, but he did not answer. I would like to know from him why such allegations have been leveled against me? How come he played his first match under my captaincy if I was selfish?” Malik said that the way Wasim is talking about clothes and massage, he is insulting himself. Whenever we used to go on tour, there used to be a washing machine. He never had to use his hands. We have had a great time being together in the team, so I don’t want to create any controversy.

‘Rameez Raja got place in the team on his father’s recommendation’
Wasim Akram has also written about Rameez Raja, the current chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board in his book. According to Akram, Rameez Raja used to drop more catches instead of doing well on the field. He used to field in the slips because his father was the commissioner. Rameez got a place in the Pakistan team only on the recommendation of his father.

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Let us tell you that Wasim Akram, Rameez Raja and Salim Malik were part of the team that won the World Cup in 1992 under the leadership of Imran Khan. Wasim Akram was elected ‘Man of the Match’ in the final match against England. At the same time, Salim Malik was the captain of the Pakistan team from 1992 to 1995. Under his captaincy, Pakistan won seven out of 12 Test matches and 21 out of 34 ODIs.

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