Sehwag was openly fouled, umpire’s mistake… Player got punishment, still India suffered huge loss

New Delhi. Many strange incidents are seen in the cricket world. Today we are going to tell you one of those unique incidents which happened with Team India’s star batsman Virender Sehwag. It is not an easy thing to cheat in a field full of cameras all around, but there was a match where cheating was clearly seen. The mistake was of the umpire, the player was also punished but despite this India had suffered a huge loss.

The incident dates back to the 2001 Coca-Cola Cup when Zimbabwe, India and the West Indies were part of a tri-nation series. Virender Sehwag was at the crease in a match of this series. He tried to hit a ball in the 29th over coming out of the crease but missed and wicketkeeper Ridley Jacobs dropped the bails. After which the umpire declared Sehwag out without the help of the third umpire. But the surprise came when it was seen in TV replays that Jacobs dropped the bails with his right hand while the ball was in his left hand.

Strange decision by the referee

When the spectacle started on Sehwag’s wrong out, proceedings started against Jacobs. But Jacobs clarified that he did not appeal for the out while other players did. In that tournament, he was not dismissed in a single match due to which he was very dangerous for India and Zimbabwe. Despite Jacobs’ clarification, the referee banned him for 3 matches. But he was suspended not from this tri-series, but from the series against Kenya to be held after 6 weeks. According to media investigation, West Indies had already been announced for the series against Kenya, in which Jacobs was not already a part of the team.

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Jacobs became a problem for India in the final

All this seemed no less than any politics. The referee’s decision was widely criticized. The mistake was of the umpire, the bowler was also punished but India still suffered a loss. The reason for which was that Jacobs was not banned in the tri-series. Jacobs remained unbeaten in the final like the previous matches of this tournament and contributed to his team’s victory by playing an innings of 26 runs. India had to lose the trophy due to this strange incident.

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