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Strong will power, ocean of infinite energy, Atal sadhna after scattering… Lo then your Virat Kohli has come

October 05, 2007… The Rajiv Gandhi Stadium in Hyderabad is packed. India vs Australia ODI match. Sachin Tendulkar clean bowled for 43 runs off Brad Hogg’s ball. In the same year, the Boxing Day Test was being played between the two teams. In the first innings, the Indian team was batting and the ball was in the hands of Brad Hogg. When he came to the 39th over, the master welcomed him with 2 fours and a six. Nobody expected such an attack in Tests. But it was not just that. When Hogg had clean bowled Sachin, he took an autograph after the match, on which Sachin Tendulkar, who is called the God of Cricket, wrote – Never again mate….

It was not just about getting out. It was a matter of strong will power and practice, which made Sachin believe that this would never happen again and did not happen. When the Indian team lost to Pakistan for the first time in any World Cup in 2021, Virat Kohli felt the biggest stigma. When the then captain Virat must have said to himself – now it will not happen again…. Showcasing the Master Class Trailer, Virat Kohli made Pakistan’s chest shriveled on the eve of Diwali in the T20 World Cup 2022 grand match against Pakistan at the historic ground of Melbourne Cricket Stadium. Even after a long time, the pain of this defeat will keep tormenting him. If anyone saw the Virat form of Kohli, it was Pakistan.

I have been watching Virat Kohli for many years, but never saw him cry. Saw it today wonderful moment. Will never forget

Harsha Bhogle, Commentator

After 2019, when Kohli’s form deteriorated, everyone was eating sour. He was fighting. In the intuition. On and off the field. He couldn’t understand what was happening. Those who were roaming on the eyelids were intent on ousting them from the team. Like a cannonball, the bat that sprang up was calm. People were saying that there is a war. Kohli was also forced to think that what is happening after all, how did the bowlers who trembled in fear become Virat in front of them today? There were thousands of questions and the answer was only one – Virat Kohli himself. After the disintegration, it was time for Atal Sadhna. And Kohli, the lord of infinite energy, completed that sadhana with a strong will power.

When India scored a century at the end of the game in the Asia Cup 2022, Kohli had a smile on his face. People must have remembered that line of Aakash Chopra – Virat has chala hai sewa tan…. That one innings acted as a healer on the wounds of Indian fans’ farewell to the Asia Cup and the loss to Pakistan. Kohli knew the value of this century. How did he get rid of the war with the bat after fighting in the dungeon of conflict for 3 years? What happened in the Asia Cup was just a poster release and what happened against Pakistan was a trailer. The whole picture is yet to come, because Kohli said – the World Cup is yet to come.

Kohli, this is the best innings of your career. It was historic to see you play. Rauf was hit for a six off the backfoot at long on.

Sachin Tendulkar, Former Captain

Anushka Sharma, who often acted in moments of success on the silver screen, was aware of Virat Kohli’s historic innings and the joy of India’s victory. She knows that nothing is more important to Virat Kohli than this innings and India’s victory for the life he lives with the tricolor on his forehead. She could not express her feelings in words. That is why he opened his heart for Kohli in a single post. He did write a few lines, but it was a tear of those 3-4 years. was love There were emotions. He has seen the world go crazy after this man made of a 5.8 inch bone and flesh. She knows cricket fans’ craze for Kohli goes far beyond their unfathomable love and close bond.

That is why for that one glorious moment, the number of firecrackers that Indian cricket fans burst in an hour or two hours may not be the GDP of some countries. It was not about money. It was a matter of expressing happiness. You must have seen crores of sacrifices on one happiness, but on Sunday actually saw the sacrifice. If NASA releases the pictures from the satellite, then believe me, the whole of India would have been lit up in an hour or two even though it was not Diwali. Despite beating Pakistan many times in his career, the great Sunil Gavaskar himself was jumping on the border like a child. World Cup winner Krishnamachari Srikkanth was hitting the beat. Irfan Pathan had tears in his eyes.

Salute to you as you batted. This is the best innings played for the country.

Rohit Sharma, Captain

Virat Kohli has hardly slept through the night after the defeat against Pakistan under his own captaincy on 24 October 2021, exactly a year ago. Now when he avenged his humiliation on 23 October i.e. within a year, even then he could hardly sleep. This gloom has just begun. This is the same bat, this is the same cricket field and this is his own Kohli. And yes, one more thing in the last… The real king is only one – Virat Kohli.
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