Surya vs Rashid: Who is heavier on whom between Suryakumar and Rashid? Statistics in favor of Sky, still told the secret of fear

New Delhi. Suryakumar Yadav, the king of T20 in IPL (IPL 2023), has again come into the limelight for his unusual performance. Sky’s form came late this season but came right. Mr. 360 showered runs after initial calmness. Surya’s spin master in IPL and T20’s number one bowler Rashid Khan is being considered. Both the players are ready to compete with each other in Qualifier-2 between Gujarat and Mumbai ((GT vs MI)).

Both Suryakumar Yadav and Rashid Khan are leaving the impression of their strong performance this season. On one hand, Surya is testing the opponents with his batting. On the other hand, Rashid Khan is one of the top bowlers in the Purple Cap race. But Mr. 360’s break has not been found with Firki Master. Recently, after seeing Surya’s off-colour shots, Rashid Khan said on Twitter, ‘Where should the ball be thrown to the sky?’ After which Surya challenged Karamati Khan to meet on May 12. Sky completed this challenge by scoring a century in that match.

Where is Rashid’s fear in Surya?

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Before the match on May 12, Surya may have challenged Rashid Khan for a century in the next match. But even in Mr. 360 degree, the fear of the warlock Khan has been revealed. Before Qualifier-2, Sky said about Rashid on GeoCinema, ‘Rashid Khan is a great bowler. I think as soon as they feel that I am under some pressure, then there can be a mess. I cannot read them, I do not understand what they throw. However, Rashid Khan has not yet dismissed Suryakumar Yadav even once.

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