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T20 World Cup 2022: Anil Kumble told, how batsmen are needed in the Indian T20 team


England reached the final after defeating India by 10 wickets in the semi-finals.
Pakistan made it to the final after defeating New Zealand by 7 wickets.
The final between Pakistan and England will be held on November 13 at the MCG.

New Delhi. Former India coach Anil Kumble said that ‘powerhitting’ will dominate T20 cricket in future and suggested that the Indian team needs to play cricket in which the rookie also contributes with the ball for balance in the team. can do India suffered a 10-wicket defeat by England’s ‘power hitters’ Alex Hales and Jos Buttler in the semi-finals of the T20 World Cup in Adelaide on Thursday (November 10). India’s slow approach in batting is also being criticized from all around, due to which the team was knocked out of the tournament with a crushing defeat.

Anil Kumble told ‘’, “I think this definitely needs to be done, we keep talking about bowlers batting. But I think in Indian cricket you need batsmen who can also bowl to balance the team.

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He said, “England had the same thing. He had a lot of options. He used Liam Livingstone. Moeen Ali has barely bowled in this tournament. That’s why you need options like these.” Kumble also finds fault with the selection in the Indian team and says that the current trend needs to be changed.
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He said, “Unfortunately, even in the India A team that is selected, most of the batsmen are such who are not able to bowl. So it is important that we create such a cricketing brand and it needs to be included in the entire process.” Kumble said, “I think the more you play T20 cricket, it will become such, in which you will show your strength as soon as you step on the field. So I think T20 will be like this going forward.”

He also believes that each player needs to understand the specific role assigned to him and once it is decided, the team needs to stick to it. He also said that this role should not be confined to the national team only but it should be used in domestic cricket as well.

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