T20 World Cup 2022: Will have to play Rishabh Pant, whether Dinesh Karthik is available or not: Madan Lal

New Delhi. In the ICC T20 World Cup, the Indian team will play in a very important match against Bangladesh on Wednesday. Before this match, two wicketkeepers of the team Dinesh Karthik and Rishabh Pant are in discussion. The debate continues on who will coach Rahul Dravid give a chance in the playing XI. Former Indian cricketer Madan Lal has clearly said that whether Karthik may be available due to injury or not, Rishabh Pant will have to give you a chance.

Talking to India Today, he said, “Whether Dinesh Karthik has talent or not, I don’t believe in him, I think Rishabh Pant should be fed. And if you want to feed him, then give him encouragement. Such a big batsman and you are going up and down like a toss. He is a player, he will lose his confidence. Everyone knows what a big match winner he is. Pant will have to be fed whether Dinesh Karthik is available or not.

Before the match against Bangladesh, coach Rahul Dravid gave an update about Karthik’s injury. He said, “See Dinesh Karthik is feeling much better, he had also arrived for training. We will be able to take any decision on whether he wants to play in the match or not before the match tomorrow.

On Karthik, Dravid further said, “Look you have to understand that the place where he comes out to bat is a very difficult position. So we must support any such player. Must stand with them.”

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