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T20 World Cup: Shoaib Akhtar is unable to digest Pakistan’s defeat, predictions about Team India


Zimbabwe beat Pakistan by 1 run in T20 World Cup
Shoaib Akhtar stunned by Pakistan’s defeat
Said- India will also be out next week

New Delhi. Anxiety caused by Pakistan’s second consecutive defeat or jealousy of India’s blistering performance… Shoaib Akhtar is unable to digest Pakistan’s defeat at the hands of Zimbabwe. Perhaps this is the reason why after cursing Pakistan, they are now predicting India’s exit from the T20 World Cup. Akhtar said that Pakistan’s team will return home from the Super-12 round of the T20 World Cup and India will also not go beyond the semi-finals.

Shoaib Akhtar said on his YouTube channel, ‘I have already said that the Pakistan team will return home this week and India will also return home next week after playing the semi-finals. He (India) is also no Tees Maar Khan and we are worse than him.

Now why Akhtar is saying this for India, it is beyond comprehension. Because India is the only team in this T20 World Cup, which has won two consecutive matches and Pakistan has lost both their matches. If India beat South Africa on Sunday, then Rohit Sharma & Co. will almost reach the semi-finals. Because after this India has to play the remaining two matches against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.

What brain does PCB chairman not have: Akhtar
Akhtar further said, ‘I am saying this time and again that this opener, middle order is not enough for us to get success at this level. Expressing disappointment, he said what can I say? Pakistan has a bad captain. After losing against Zimbabwe, Pakistan was out of the World Cup in the second match itself. Shaheen Afridi’s fitness is not good. There is a flaw in Babar’s captaincy. What kind of cricket do you want to play now? For God’s sake, you lost to Zimbabwe. You can’t understand that your cricket is getting ruined? What brain does the PCB chairman and management not have? We had to go with 4 bowlers and we played with 3 pacers. A decent middle order is essential and you are only selecting a few.

Who leads the race for the semi-finals? Can Pakistan still reach the last four?

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‘Not giving chance to Masood is also a big mistake’
Pakistan opted to replace Fakhar Zaman in their first two matches with Shan Masood, which according to Akhtar was a bad move. He said about it, ‘Two good openers were needed who can use the 30-yard circle. Fakhar Zaman is sitting there, you have not used him. He is a back-foot player, and will do well in Australia. It’s really embarrassing. We have to answer to the world. What can we answer now? No plans, no middle order, no openers.

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