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Tamil Thalaivas lost by one point against Puneri Paltan, Fazal Atrachali made a big record

Tamil Thalaivas vs Puneri Paltan: In the 69th match of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) 2022, Puneri Paltan defeated Tamil Thalaivas by a margin of one point. The match was very exciting till the last raid and Puneri has won it. Thalaivas had won the last match against Puneri by just one point and now the score is level. Thalaivas had to face defeat for the first time after five matches.

Thalaivas was ahead in the first half

In the first half, there was a close match between the two teams, but Thalaivas felt heavy. The Thalaivas had taken a six-point lead by the time the half-time was all out to Puneri. Thalaivas’ defense did a good job, taking eight tackle points, but their main raider Narendra Kandola failed. While Narendra got only two raid points, Ajinkya Pawar got five points. Puneri’s defense also got five tackle points.

Puneri made a great comeback in the second half

In the second half, Puneri started making a comeback and was giving constant competition to Thalaivas. Young raider Akash Shinde did a great job consistently bringing in points and did not let his team lag behind. With four minutes remaining, Puneri was three points behind. Captain Fazal Atrachali also completed his high five while doing a strong job in the defense and kept running the defense alone. With the last two minutes left, Puneri all-out Thalaivas and took a three-point lead in the match.

Akash Shinde also completed his Super-10 with this. Narender Kandola brought three points in the last minute to reduce Puneri’s lead to one point. Puneri’s last raid was a do or die in which Thalaivas’ defense made a mistake and gave Puneri a point. Despite taking a point in the last raid, Thalaivas lost the match by one point.

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