Tashkent will host the World Boxing Championship 2023, the winner will get a cash reward of 2 lakh dollars

New Delhi. International Boxing Association (IBA) President Omar Kremlev announced on Monday that record prize money will be awarded to medal winners at the World Boxing Championship 2023 in Tashkent in May. To be held in the capital of Uzbekistan from May 1 to 14 next year, double the prize money will be given in this prestigious competition compared to the previous season.

Kremlev said at the press conference, “For the first time in history, we will have a record prize money of 5.2 million US dollars. The first place boxer will be given two lakh US dollars, second place one lakh US dollars and each bronze medalist will be given 50 thousand US dollars. K has been dropped from the list of opening games for the Olympics.

No one will remain silent if you drop boxing from the Los Angeles Games
Kremlev feels that the boxing community will not remain silent if the sport is taken out of the Los Angeles Games. “We are increasing our numbers. The number of people who love boxing is in crores. More than a billion people love boxing. In my opinion, if they try to take boxing out of the Olympics, no one will remain silent.

Nikhat said- IBA is my home, I feel safe here
Nikhat Zareen, the defending world champion present at the press conference, said, “IBA is my home. As a sportsperson, I feel safe here in my boxing family. I am grateful to IBA for the prize money I received for this win. I am going to buy a house in Hyderabad with this.

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