The ball hit the head, kept crying bitterly for 15 minutes, on the other hand the players kept laughing with teeth

Paris: A strange incident happened at the French Open. During the match, the Japanese-Indonesian women’s doubles pair was disqualified when a shot by Miyu Kato went over the ball girl’s head. After this incident, the little ball girl kept crying bitterly in the court for 15 minutes. The referee then decided to disqualify the Japanese-Indonesian women’s doubles pair. Even more shocking was the fact that while the ball girl was crying and moaning in pain, the opposition players Chek Bujkova and Spaniard Sorribes Tormo Dant Kept laughing out loud. This has created an uproar on social media. Japan’s Kato and her Indonesian partner, 16th seed Eldila Sutjiadi, were leading 7-6 (1), 1-3 over Marie Bujkova and Sara Sorribes Tormo in the women’s doubles third round.

Here a shot by the Japanese player hit the ball girl. She was oblivious to the fact that the ball was coming towards her. After being hit by the ball, she started moaning in pain and started crying bitterly on the court itself. Here the Japanese and Indonesian player apologized to the ball girl. In this case the umpire warned Kato, but the match trailing Czech Bouzkova and Spaniard Sorribes Tormo called the referee to Court 14 and informed about the ball girl’s injury.

After a long discussion, the referee disqualified Kato and his partner. Everyone was surprised by this. Usually, in such cases only a warning is given. The disqualification decision was a bit surprising if the shot was not an intentional one. On the other hand, Buzkova of the opposition team said – it is a bad situation for everyone. But this decision has been taken by the rules. This is very unfortunate. It was a referee’s decision. Bujkova argued that she did not see the ball hit the ball girl, but she was crying for 15 minutes.

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