The dreaded bowler fell for a smile, year passed in fear, won love by bowling daddy

New Delhi : Lasith Malinga, in front of whose balls even the best batsmen used to stagger. Sri Lankan fast bowler Malinga, who took 5 hat-tricks in international cricket, may have released the sixes of the batsman, but he himself lost consciousness on a smile. Malinga wanted to make his love life run in high speed, but this could not be possible.

Lasith Malinga’s love story started like this. Once Malinga reached for Adshoot, whose event manager was Tania Minoli Pereira. Tania told in an interview that she first met Malinga in a hotel in Hikkaduwa. I was not interested, so I did not show any special interest in talking to Malinga at that time, but he started liking me as soon as he saw me. Then we met for the second time in a hotel in Galle. Numbers were exchanged and the conversation started moving forward. According to Tania, Malinga used to talk to me for hours even while he was on tour.

it took a year to propose
Lasith Malinga’s conversation with Tania was going on, but he was not able to say his heart. After almost a year passed, the fast bowler proposed Tania for marriage. According to Tania, I am also Malinga Started liking her, but I made it clear to her that I would be able to say anything about marriage only after asking my father. According to Tania, my father was in America at that time. When he returned to Sri Lanka, I got Malinga to meet him. Tania’s father has taken a liking to Malinga. On January 22, 2010, Tania and Malinga got married.

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Lasith Malinga was considered a T20 specialist bowler along with death overs. Malinga was a part of the Mumbai Indians team in many seasons of IPL. Mumbai also won the title in his presence. Malinga in IPL 2023 as the bowling coach of Rajasthan Royals Lasith Malinga has achieved the feat of taking 4 wickets in 4 balls. Apart from taking 3 hat-tricks in ODIs, he has also taken 2 hat-tricks in International T20. Lasith Malinga has 390 wickets in overall T20.

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