The game of fixing is still not over in cricket, many shocking revelations in the report

New Delhi: Of the competitive cricket matches played in 2022 across the world, there were 13 that remained in doubt. This information was found in the review report published by ‘Sportradar Integrity Services’. The Sportradar Integrity Services unit is an international team of ‘integrity’ experts who analyze irregular betting, match-fixing and other forms of corruption in sports.

The 28-page report, titled ‘Betting, corruption and match-fixing’, said that in calendar year 2022, there were 1,212 matches in 12 sporting events in 92 countries that were suspected. Corruption can happen in 775 matches in football. Basketball is second in this list with 220 matches being called in doubt while lawn tennis has 75 matches in question. Interestingly, there were only 13 matches in cricket in 12 sports that could allegedly be involved in corruption. Due to which this game is at the sixth place in the list.

The report claimed that these 13 cricket matches could be the most for the game in a year. “However, a relatively small number of questionable matches continue to exist in many sports,” the report said. But 13 cricket matches being suspect is the highest annual figure recorded by ‘Sportradar Integrity Services’. Handball and Futsal have also recorded the most suspicious matches ever.

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