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The mood has changed with the form of ‘King Kohli’, mingling with the fans

Melbourne. Virat Kohli, who has intimidated bowlers around the world, has returned to the same old form after three years and along with the form, there is a lot of change in the mood of this champion batsman. He is still the ‘King Kohli’ who is making headlines with his charms, around whom the crowd keeps on gathering, but now it is not that difficult to get close to him.

If you are not a fan of cricket fanatic then you can walk up to him and he will accept your greetings with a smile. The way Kohli has started mingling with his fans as well, with the bat hitting the ground, has added to his personality. Success teaches you a lot but failures teach you a bigger lesson. Maybe the same thing happened with Kohli.

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In the last fortnight in different cities of Australia, Kohli has been seen mingling with the audience, giving autographs, posing for selfies. He is no longer the Kohli of the past, who used to live in his own world. It is not as if he has ever refused selfies, autographs or conversations, but in Australia in 2015, in England in 2017 or 2019, Kohli’s attitude was different.

The way the fans supported him during the bad phase of three years, he seems to have realized his importance. At least 10 to 15 people in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide showed their selfies with Kohli or his autographs on their caps. Some met him in the mall and many in the coffee shop.

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An Indian who came from Canberra to watch the Adelaide match said, “We saw him with the support staff at the coffee shop. We were scared whether to go to him or not but he himself called us and posed for a picture with us.”

The junior women’s club hockey team in Melbourne also took a selfie with the former India captain. He smiles and welcomes familiar faces in the media too. While going to practice, he stopped and talked for a minute to a YouTube journalist. Took pictures with YouTubers which will definitely go viral.

Kohli has done the job of bringing smiles on many faces. With his batting on the field and with his cheerfulness off the field. The cricket world has also openly accepted this new Virat Kohli, who is going to celebrate his 34th birthday on Saturday.

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