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The waist started flexing with the cheerleaders, everyone was surprised to see the dance of the security guard

New Delhi: A security guard danced with cheerleaders in a packed football stadium in such a way that people were left watching. A dance group from the University of Tennessee in the US was ready to perform before the match against the University of Kentucky. The video, which was posted by the dance team on TikTok, has now taken over Instagram Reels. It’s going viral. Which has been seen by more than 43 million people and has got 4 million likes.

In fact, in this clip, a security guard wearing khaki pants and a blue polo shirt is seen standing right next to the cheerleaders. As soon as their dance starts, the security guard also moves forward, only then the boy from the dance group pretends to be annoyed that his presence is spoiling the dance. As soon as everyone starts leaving after scolding him. The ‘cheerleader avatar’ of the security guard comes to the fore.

Everyone in the stadium is surprised to see his dance moves. Her camaraderie with the cheerleaders is a sight to behold. The entire stadium erupted in thunderous applause. The fans start dancing. However, it does not take long to understand that it was a frank act for the audience. That security guard was none other than a member of the dance group.

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