There will be a mutual battle between these 10 players, the thrill will be at the peak in Melbourne

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Shaheen and Rohit will clash

Shaheen Shah Afridi is the main fast bowler of Pakistan who opens the bowling for his team. Indian captain and opener batsman Rohit Sharma will clash with Shaheen in the beginning. A good battle can be seen between these two as both will try to give their team a solid start.

Naseem Shah will challenge Kohli

If the Indian team gets a setback in the beginning, then the responsibility of handling the innings will be on former captain Virat Kohli. Pakistan’s young fast bowler Naseem Shah is known for his speed and control. A good encounter can be seen between Shah and Kohli. While Shah has good variety, Kohli is the batting master.

Chahal can trouble Babar

Pakistan captain Babar Azam has shown consistent consistency. Babar is very good against the fast bowlers in the beginning. However, the spinners seem to dominate him in the middle overs. In such a situation, Yuzvendra Chahal will try his best to trap Babar with his leg spin bowling.

Shami will be able to stop Rizwan?

Mohammad Rizwan has scored the most runs in T20 Internationals since 2021. Restraining Rizwan is proving difficult for any bowling attack. Mohammed Shami has been entered in the Indian team, who will try to give success to the team from the very beginning. The competition between Shami and Rizwan will be worth watching.

Will Rauf be able to stop Karthik from finishing?

Dinesh Karthik is the finisher of the Indian team and he will be expected to bat smoky in the last overs. Haris Rauf will also be a very important bowler for Pakistan in the last overs. The clash between Rauf and Karthik will be worth watching. While Rauf will try to stop runs for his team, Karthik would like to play an aggressive innings.

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