These are the current 5 batsmen of the world, who have scored maximum centuries

At present, Virat Kohli has the record of scoring the maximum number of centuries in the list of active batsmen. After Kohli, the names of Joe Root, David Warner, Steve Smith and Rohit Sharma come respectively.


At present, there are many promising batsmen who are performing well for their country. Talk about the current five cricketers of the world who are currently active in the cricket field and have scored maximum centuries, then their names are as follows- (AP)


The first name in this special list comes from Indian star batsman Virat Kohli. Kohli has played a total of 498 international matches for Team India so far. Meanwhile, 75 centuries have come out of his bat. (AP)


The name of England’s experienced batsman Joe Root comes in second place in the special list. Root has played a total of 320 international matches for his team so far. Meanwhile, he has scored 45 centuries. (AP)


Australia’s star opener David Warner occupies the third place. Warner has scored 45 centuries while playing 345 matches for the Kangaroo team. (AP)


In fourth place comes the name of David Warner’s fellow batsman Steve Smith. Smith has played a total of 302 matches for his team so far. Meanwhile, 43 centuries have come out of his bat. (Steven Smith/Instagram)


The name of Indian captain Rohit Sharma comes in the fifth place. Sharma has scored 43 centuries while playing 441 matches for Team India. (AP)

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