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Tim Paine accuses Cricket Australia of leaving Test captaincy, makes shocking claim


Tim Paine said he didn’t get any support from Cricket Australia
Penn claimed his sexting actions were consensual
Tim Paine stepped down as Australia Test captain in November 2020

New Delhi. Former Australia Test captain Tim Paine claimed that Cricket Australia had left him alone. Tim Paine, who left the captaincy and national team after his sexting scandal became public last November, has criticized Cricket Australia CEO Nick Hockley. Paine said in his autobiography ‘The Price Paid’ that he did not get any support from Cricket Australia and it was clear that the board wanted to let him go.

According to, Tim Paine wrote in the book, “It was becoming clear what Cricket Australia wanted to do to me, but they did not have the courage to say it themselves. He was letting his hired consultant run the show. He had pointed a gun at my head. I couldn’t have walked without their support.”

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The book further reads, “I was disappointed and I was tired of it. I was ready to face criticism for what I did, but in my mind Cricket Australia had left me and it seemed they thought I had sexually harassed someone. So everyone else will think the same. I felt as if the story was almost right when he turned around.”

Tim Paine revealed that Cricket Australia had investigated his actions with a Tasmanian cricket employee several years ago and found no wrongdoing, but stabbed him in the back when the conversation went public. The book reads, “We did a phone link involving a person they hired from a public relations firm who had apparently advised the board in the past. I found it very strange that this person I’d never met and who didn’t work for Cricket Australia led the call, while Chief Executive Nick took a back seat. The advisor then said that the best way to get ahead of this was to step down as captain.

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Tim Paine admitted that his actions were wrong and that it hurt his family. The former Test captain of Australia said that it was mutually agreed. He said, “I knew what had happened. Cricket Australia knew what had happened and in my mind this guy didn’t know, or worse. It was as if she was convinced that I had sexually assaulted her. Then Nick came and said this man is very experienced and he thought I should listen to his advice. Then I said, ‘Do you want me to step down as Test captain, Nick?

Penn continued, “He couldn’t give me a straight answer, or didn’t want to. He kept talking to me around. And this man said, ‘If you resign from the post of Test captain, then it will be talked about but if you stay, they will keep coming to you.’ I think they said I won’t last till Monday and I replied that if they support me I will.”

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