VIDEO: A dream of Virat Kohli remained incomplete! Know some mysterious things of former captain

New Delhi. Virat Kohli is one of the greatest players in the world. Virat’s fans are settled in every country. At the same time, Kohli is often dominated on social media as well. Being a first class cricketer, Kohli has a small family and everything. The former captain is seen giving his hundred percent for Team India. But does anyone know that Kohli also has a dream which remained unfulfilled. For which he has expressed regret.

Virat shared a video of an interview on his Twitter handle. In which he revealed some unknown stories of his life. In that interview, Virat was first asked what message he would like to give to a 16-year-old Kohli? After which the run machine gave a thoughtful reply. He said, ‘Know a little more about the world, open your mind a little, there is life outside Delhi too.’

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