VIDEO: Dubey ji has agreed! If this is the condition in practice, then there will be a ruckus in the IPL final, a big record is sure to be broken!


Shivam Dubey has done amazing batting in IPL 2023
He has hit 33 sixes in IPL 2023 so far

New Delhi. The final of IPL 2023 will be played between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans. Both the teams are full of power hitters. But Chennai Super Kings have Dubey ji. Yes, you got it right. Shivam Dubey. Those who hit sixes then keep hitting. Exorcises the ghosts of the bowlers. Every boundary falls short in front of them. Because he hits 100 meter long sixes very easily. Before the final, Dubey ji is practicing in this style. On the nets, he shot shots in every corner and the ball went straight for sixes. That is, there is full preparation to get the news of Gujarat’s bowlers in the final.

A video of Shivam Dubey’s batting in the net session has been shared by Chennai Super Kings from his Instagram account. In this, Shivam is seen hitting sixes very easily and the ball coming out of his bat seems to be traveling at the speed of a bullet. He hit sixes in every corner of the ground in the practice session. This power hitting of Shivam is enough to increase the tension of Gujarat Titans. Because runs are easily scored at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad and Shubman Gill is proof of this. He scored a century against Mumbai Indians in the last match and hit 10 sixes in his innings.

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