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VIDEO: Shaheen Afridi did not leave training even after pain, increased enthusiasm of fellow bowlers, told the story of his return


Afridi did well in the last T20 World
Pakistan had traveled to the semi-finals

New Delhi. Shaheen Afridi has made a great comeback after injury. In the warm-up match against Afghanistan, he took 2 wickets in 2 overs with the new ball. But the last 3 months were very difficult for him. He was with the team even after getting injured during the T20 Asia Cup. The injury was serious. After this he went to England and did rehab. Now he is ready to return to the T20 World Cup (T20 World Cup 2022). In the last T20 World Cup, he did well against Team India (IND vs PAK). Due to this Pakistan won by 10 wickets. Talking about the current World Cup, on October 23, both the teams will face each other again. Amidst all this, Afridi himself told how he made a comeback after injury.

The PCB has posted a video of the conversation between fast bowler Haris Rauf and Shaheen Afridi on social media. In this, Shaheen said, when I was doing rehab in the beginning, I was in pain. Initially, I had to go through pain even when I walked. Then slowly started running. He said that after that gradually started bowling practice. But with the blessings of the people and the fans, I was able to make a comeback before the World Cup.

Used to tell on the phone how to bowl
Haris Rauf said during the conversation that even though Shaheen Afridi was not with the team. But he always used to talk on the phone about the preparations for the match and used to tell what line length to keep. He is one of the biggest players not only in Pakistan but in the world. It is known that during the absence of Afridi during the T20 Asia Cup, young fast bowler Naseem Shah got a chance and he performed well.

Team India’s six-sack batsman will play T20 World Cup, such a place in the last minute

Shaheen Afridi said that to do well in the T20 World Cup, we will need the support of the fans. They have always supported us in the past as well. Talking about the history of T20 World Cup, Pakistan once won the title in 2009. Apart from this, the team has managed to make it to the semi-finals 5 times overall. In the tournament held in Oman and UAE in 2021, Pakistan’s team also managed to reach the semi-finals.

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