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VIDEO: Why Shoaib Akhtar said so, should Pakistan become the first team to be knocked out of the tournament after a semi-final loss


Former Pakistan fast bowlers are praying for India and Pakistan final
He asked the fans to be ready by sharing a video before the semi-finals.

New Delhi. Teams of India and Pakistan have reached the last four of the ICC T20 World Cup. Team India has made it to the semi-finals on its own, while Pakistan got this opportunity after the Netherlands’ upset win over South Africa. Against New Zealand, the team has to play in the first semi-final of the tournament on 9 November. A day before the match, the former Pakistan fast bowler released a video saying that the team may become the first team to be out after losing.

Akhtar said, the whole story of Sari looks like the 1992 World Cup. Some will lose, some match will be washed away by rain. Somebody will get 1 point, then someone will get 2 points and Pakistan’s team will be able to make it to the semi-finals. I hope that Pakistan’s team wins tomorrow’s semi-final match against New Zealand and is able to make it to the final.

He further said, now it has to be seen whether by winning the semi-finals Pakistan becomes the first team to reach the final or it becomes the first team to get out of the tournament after losing. Out of the semi-finals and then home preparations.

By the way, it can also happen that all of us who are praying so much that both India and Pakistan played semi-finals, both the teams won and reached the finals. By the way, it may also happen that the players of both the teams are not coming back together on Friday while sitting in the ship. I hope that doesn’t happen. If that happens, then the tournament will die outright. Let us see that now that we have come so close, then there must be a final between India and Pakistan.

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