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VIDEO: ‘You will always be a GOAT for me’, know which player Virat Kohli said to

New Delhi. Not just in tennis, Roger Federer is one of the greatest athletes to have been in the sports fraternity around the world. His influence has gone beyond the tennis court and he is a big sporting icon even for those who do not play tennis. Virat Kohli (who got a chance to meet Federer a few years back) is one player who has been impressed by the Swiss tennis star’s charisma.

After Federer said goodbye to tennis, many players from different corners of the world paid tribute to the 20-time Grand Slam winner in their own style. Laver Cup 2022 was his last tournament. In a video shared by ATP, Virat Kohli expressed his admiration for Federer, describing how he has touched the lives of millions. Kohli even said that he has never seen an athlete get the kind of support he has received.
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Virat Kohli said in the video, “Hello Roger, it is a matter of great honor for me that I am congratulating you on this phenomenal career through this video, which has given us so many beautiful moments and memories.” He further said, “I had the opportunity to personally meet you at the Australian Open in 2018, which I will never forget in my life. One thing that stood out for me even watching you play was that so many people around the world, not just in the tennis world, supporting you, and I’ve never seen that kind of support for any other athlete. Is. It is something that cannot be created, which cannot be produced by any means.”

The Indian cricket icon concluded the video by saying that he wishes him all the best for the next chapter of his life and he will always remain a ‘GOAT’ for him.

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Virat Kohli said, “You always had that special ability. It was very clear when we saw you play and the aura you bring to the court is incomparable. And to me you will always be the greatest of all time. I am sure that in the next phase of your life you are going to enjoy as much as you enjoyed on the court. I wish you and your family the best too. Take care of yourself.”

Although Roger Federer has ended his professional tennis career, he has resolved to stick to tennis to the best of his ability.

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