Virat Kohli injects fear, charges against Australia


Virat had hit a brilliant century in the Gavaskar series.
India and Australia will be face to face at The Oval on 7th June.

New Delhi. Only a few hours are left in the battle of the World Test Championship Final (WTC Final). On one hand, the Indian team is sweating profusely to end the drought of the ICC Trophy. On the other hand, the dreaded Australian team is also trying to win this trophy for the first time. Both the teams have more than one big fan. When it comes to star players, Virat Kohli comes to mind first. Kohli’s bat speaks volumes against Australia, then what Tests and what ODIs? Now before the final, the run machine has given Australia an injection of fear.

Now Virat’s talk has spread, so his recent form has to be discussed. If you go to the flashback of 2023, Virat has blown the test of the opposing teams with a flurry of centuries. Then whether he plays for the country or for RCB. In IPL, 2 back-to-back centuries were seen with Kohli’s bat. It can be inferred from this that Kohli can set foot like Angad in the Test against Australia. He told before the final that playing against Australia gives him more motivation.

Australian players do not give even an inch of chance – Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli said on Starsports, ‘I understand his mindset very well. It is a very competitive team. There are 11 players in it and everyone knows what is going on in the game. If he gets even an inch, he will take advantage of it. In such a situation, my motivation increases even more against this team which is full of skills. I have to perform at a high level to beat this team, otherwise they don’t even give me a second chance to get back in the game. Because of this situation, I had to take my game to another level.

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