Virat’s Audi will come in the amount of Bradman’s bat, Dhoni’s bat is also no less, it rained money in the auction

New Delhi. In Indian cricket, everyone must have seen the auction of players often. But the price of players’ bats skyrockets in the auction. Today we are going to tell about the auction of bats of two such legendary players, whose names are spread all over the cricket world. First one of the great players of Australia is the name of Sir Don Bradman, followed by the name of MS Dhoni, the former captain of Team India.

Don Bradman has broken many big records in the history of cricket. The price of his bat in the auction is so much that Audi’s expensive car can also come in that price. In fact, with the same bat, Bradman also scored a triple century against England in the 1934 Ashes series. His bat was auctioned in December 2021. His bat was priced at Rs 1.90 crore in the auction, proving to be the most expensive bat in the world.

Dhoni’s bat is also no less

After Bradman comes MS Dhoni, the former captain of Team India. He has made Team India the owner of three ICC trophies. The bat with which Dhoni played the 2011 World Cup was auctioned for Rs 83 lakh. That money was invested in an organization of his wife. Dhoni is considered one of the greatest captains in the world. Under his captaincy, India has won the World Cup, Champions Trophy and T20 World Cup titles.

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Mahi will be seen in IPL

IPL 2023 is going to start from 31 March. In the last season, Dhoni handed over the captaincy to Ravindra Jadeja. But this time he will be seen as the captain. It is believed that this will be his last season. Chennai Super Kings will play their first match against Gujarat Titans on 31 March.

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