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Virat’s hotel room was infiltrated, unknown person shared VIDEO so ‘King Kohli’ got angry


Unknown person entered Virat Kohli’s hotel room
Made a video of the camera and shared it on social media
Kohli expressed his displeasure by sharing the video on Instagram

New Delhi. Sometimes stardom has to pay dearly. A video shared by Virat Kohli from his Instagram account proves this to be true. Actually, the video shared by Kohli was made by an unknown fan. That too by entering Kohli’s hotel room. The former Indian captain has expressed displeasure over this by sharing the video. The incident happened when Kohli was not in his hotel room. Actually, Team India was staying at Crown Towers Hotel for the match against South Africa. This video is from the same hotel.

The entire camera of Kohli is shown in this video. In this his shoes, kitchen and other items are visible. Kohli is unhappy after the video surfaced and called it a breach of privacy.

Kohli wrote on Instagram, ‘I understand that fans are very happy to see their favorite player and look forward to meeting them. I have always appreciated it. But this video is terrible and it has made me think a lot about my privacy.

Don’t treat us as entertainment stuff: Kohli

Kohli further wrote, ‘If I can’t keep privacy in a hotel room, then where can I expect privacy for myself? I cannot tolerate this kind of bigotry and such interference in privacy. Please respect people’s privacy and don’t treat them as entertainment items.

Arjun Kapoor also expressed his displeasure

Bollywood actor Arjun Kapoor has also commented on this video of Kohli. He wrote, ‘This is the sad part of every person’s life, who has a camera behind him all the time. Varun Dhawan has also described this behavior as terrible.

Unknown person made video of Virat’s room

Team India is staying at Crown Perth Hotel. In such a big hotel, if such an unknown person enters inside his hotel room in the absence of a player, then it is really surprising and it is like a security breach. This raises questions about the security of the hotel.

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Virat Kohli returned unbeaten in the match against Pakistan and Netherlands but he failed to play a big innings against South Africa. He was out after scoring 12 runs. Virat’s wicket was taken by Lungi Ngidi in the match. South Africa achieved the target of 134 runs by losing 5 wickets in this match.

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