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Wasim Akram had saved England’s sixes in the World Cup final by eating the remaining biryani, will such a miracle happen this time too?


Pakistan and England clash in the final of T20 World Cup on Sunday
In the 1992 ODI World Cup, both the teams clashed in Melbourne.
Then Wasim Akram created havoc in the final by eating leftover biryani

New Delhi. After 30 years, the wheel of time has stopped at the same place. Even though the year and the tournament have changed. But, the team is the same and the platform is equally big. Pakistan and England will once again be face to face at the historic ground in Melbourne. Just like 30 years ago, when Imran Khan’s team had a clash with England and Pakistan won. That one moment completely changed cricket in Pakistan. Once again Pakistan is standing on the same threshold. Babar Azam also has a chance to repeat the charisma of Imran Khan. 30 years ago today, Imran had breathed life into the weak looking Pakistan team in such a way that it had captured the ODI World Cup for the first time. There are many interesting stories related to that tournament. Even after so many years have passed, on listening to these stories, it seems as if it happened yesterday.

There is one such interesting anecdote related to the 1992 World Cup in Australia, when Wasim Akram felt like eating biryani before the final against England and after tasting it, Akram released the sixes of the British in the field. remembers. Actually, the biryani for Akram was arranged by Iftikhar Shah of Pakistani origin, who runs a restaurant in Melbourne. In a conversation with the Indian Express, he recalled the anecdote related to Akram.

Akram did amazing work after eating leftover biryani
Shah told that just before the 1992 World Cup final, suddenly Wasim Akram’s call came to him. He demanded Biryani. Shah recalls that then Akram told him that sandwiches were available here. How will you be able to bowl in such a situation? If you have leftover biryani of the night, can you send it to me? An hour later, piping hot biryani arrived in Pakistan’s dressing room and Akram wreaked havoc in the Melbourne ground after tasting it, that will be fresh in every cricket fan’s mind. Especially his two balls on which he clean bowled Allan Lamb and Chris Lewis. These two balls turned the dice of the match towards Pakistan.

After 30 years, Iftikhar Shah will witness another final in Melbourne, in which Jos Buttler’s English team will clash with Babar Azam’s Pakistan team. Even though three decades have passed. But, Shah’s connection with the Pakistan team is still there. Many Pakistani players who had come to play this World Cup had also come to his restaurant to have dinner before the final.

Iftikhar, 67, had settled in Melbourne from Lahore in the early 80s. He also narrated the story related to Inzamam-ul-Haq falling ill before the final. He said that I remember sitting in the lobby of the Pakistan team’s hotel. Inzamam came to the lobby around 10 pm and collapsed. After this, Imran Khan asked team manager Intikhab Alam to take Inzamam to his camera. Javed Miandad immediately called his doctor friend, who worked in a private hospital in Melbourne.

Inzamam was unable to stand on his feet
Inzamam-ul-Haq’s condition was so bad that he did not want to play the final. But, Pakistan captain Imran Khan did not give him any option. Shah recalls that Inzamam was barely able to stand. But Imran told physio and masseur Alex that he should be seen running before the match in any case Inzamam. Then the team’s masseur Alex put a condition in front of Imran.

Imran gave 70 thousand rupees to the physio
According to Shah, Alex told Imran that Tiger, what would I get if I fielded Eng (Inzamam) before the match and he was fit to play? Imran asks him what do you want? The physio said he lives in a rented house in Lahore, has four children and is not sure whether he will continue to work for Pakistan after the World Cup is over.
Imran then wrote Inzamam’s name on the team sheet and left the rest to Alex.

Inzamam scored 42 runs despite being ill
Imran not only played the final, but also hit 42 runs in 35 balls. At the same time, Wasim Akram also shone before eating biryani before the final. Then Akram, who came out to bat at number 6, hit 33 runs in 18 balls. He had hit four fours. Imran kept his promise to team physio Alex. Amidst the celebration of winning the title, Imran reached physio Alex’s room and gave him an envelope containing Rs 70,000. Shah recalls that along with giving this envelope, Imran told the physio that he hoped that with this money he would be able to buy a small house for himself in Lahore. Imran turned out to be a man of the tongue. That’s why even today he is different as a captain and a leader. Then many teammates were also angry that why Imran gave a major part of the prize money to the physio. But, Imran had stopped speaking to everyone.

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Pakistani players were angry over giving prize money to physio
According to Shah, then the price of 70 thousand rupees was very high. Imran had then told fellow players that after this historic victory, all of you will earn a lot of money in life. But, out of that, not even a single rupee will be given to the physio. Let his house settle down.

Shah will once again be at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday. Even though three decades have passed. But, he sees the success of 1992 as a thing of tomorrow. Now whether Babar can repeat Imran’s charisma or not, only time will tell. But, Shah gave an open invitation to the Pakistani players for a biryani party. Exactly, just like what he gave to Wasim Akram in 1992.

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