We are full of talent, but… What did Sourav Ganguly say about not winning the ICC trophy?

Arani Basu, New Delhi: The Indian cricket team has been waiting for the ICC trophy for the last 10 years. 2013 was the last time India won the ICC trophy as the champion trophy. The team is doing consistently well in bilateral series. One of the top team in the world. But not able to win the ICC. On most of the occasions, it got eliminated after losing in the knockout rounds. Former team captain and BCCI President Sourav Ganguly says that India has the talent that can win the team the trophy.

have to play aggressively

Sourav Ganguly says that India has no dearth of talent. The issue is how do we prepare. He said- India will have to play aggressively, especially in T20. We have the team to do this. A team that sometimes has Axar Patel batting at No.9 needs to play aggressively at the top. With Pandya batting at No.6 and Jadeja at No.7, there is a lot of depth. It is about adjusting to pressure, knowing your game and batting according to your game. Indian cricket will always have talent and a huge pool. It is those who are more hungry they go to the next level. The issue is how do you prepare for the big tournament.

Many players play all three formats

Most of the players in the Indian team are those who play all three formats. Sometimes it becomes difficult to switch from one format to another. But Sourav Ganguly says that if the players are in rhythm then there should be no problem in this. Sourav Ganguly said, ‘Good players adjust to all formats. There is so much talent in India that some players will be common across formats. It should happen like this only. Because I think rhythm is very important in the game.

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