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Were you talking about the river..? Shakib Al Hasan thrashed for getting soaked over argument with umpire and Rohit Sharma

New Delhi: In the Group 2 match of the T20 World Cup 2022, the Indian cricket team beat Bangladesh by 5 runs in a thrilling match on Wednesday. When it rained in the match, Bangladesh got the revised target of 151 runs in 16 overs. Before the rain, Bangladesh had scored 66 runs without any wickets in 7 overs and by the rules of DLS, they were leading by 17 runs, but when the rain started, their wickets fell and in the last match India reached the height of thrill. Won the victory. There was talk about this match that when the revised target was being given, Shakib Al Hasan was seen arguing for a long time with the umpire and Rohit Sharma.

That’s why the journalist asked tough questions
A journalist had an interesting conversation with Shakib Al Hasan in a press conference regarding this debate. When Shakib Al Hasan hesitated to answer the question of the journalist, he asked if you were discussing about the river flowing in Bangladesh. Actually, the way Shakib was discussing with the umpire, it seemed that he did not want to play the match further. He was trying to get his point across to the umpire, but he had to play the match.

After 7 hours only the scenario changed.
With the score reading 66/0 in 7 overs, Bangla Tigers were 17 runs ahead of India in the DLS method, but the game resumed and Rohit Sharma’s army changed the course of the game. Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan was seen arguing with the umpires before the game resumed. He also did interesting question-and-answer with a reporter in a press conference on the same subject. Bangladesh didn’t seem keen on resuming play quickly after the rain stopped, but officials went ahead with the game after assessing the situation. Liton Das’s run out proved to be a game-changer for India as Bangladesh batsmen lost momentum after his dismissal.

Some interesting conversations happened…
journalist: Have you really tried not to play after the rain? Have you discussed this with the umpire?
Shakib: Did we have any option?
journalist: No, that’s the reason. Have you tried to explain to them?
Shakib: Who explained?
journalist: Umpires and Rohit Sharma…
Shakib: Do I have the ability to convince the umpire?
journalist: Good. Then you were discussing the rivers of Bangladesh?
journalist: Did you discuss something about rivers in Bangladesh or something? what were you talking about? can you please explain?
Shakib: Ok now you are asking the right question. The umpire called both the captains and told us the target, how many overs are left and what are the rules.
journalist: That’s all, and you all accepted it?
Shakib: Yes
journalist: beautiful, thanks

It is noteworthy that Shakib remained in the headlines for some comments made before the match against India. He had said that India has come here to win the T20 World Cup, not us. We will upset him by defeating him. After that he was criticized a lot.
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