What did ICC write after putting photos of women cricketers, now the joke is flying fiercely


ICC announced the nomination for ‘Player of the Month’.
Among the male players are Jos Buttler, Adil Rashid and Shaheen Afridi.
Among the women players are Sidra Amin, Natthakkan Chantam, Gabby Lewis.

New Delhi. The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Tuesday (December 6) announced the nominations for the ‘Player of the Month’ for November 2022. The world cricket governing body revealed three names from both the men’s and women’s list and asked cricket fans to vote. However, while announcing the names of the players on their official Twitter handle, the ICC made a big mistake, after which there is fierce trolling on social media. Along with the fans, a female player selected for the ‘Player of the Month’ has also enjoyed the ICC.

Cricket fans on the micro-blogging site came to know about this huge mistake as soon as the ICC posted the polling link for the same on its official Twitter handle. It was revealed from the post that the nomination posts of three female players used the correct photographs of the players, but the names of the male players were written below the pictures of these female players. Below the pictures of women players, the names of three male players including Jos Buttler of England were written. In which the name of Adil Rashid was also included along with Pakistan’s fast bowler Shaheen Afridi.

Among the male players are Jos Buttler, Adil Rashid and Shaheen Afridi. While female players include Pakistan’s Sidra Amin, Thailand’s Natthakkan Chantam and Ireland’s Gabby Lewis. Pakistan’s Sidra Amin immediately caught the big mess made by ICC and enjoyed the ICC. He took a screenshot of the post made by the ICC and wrote- “Didn’t know Jos Buttler and I were twins.”

On this post of Sidra Amin, now even the fans are trolling the ICC fiercely.

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Jos Buttler led England to the 2022 T20 World Cup title, which was the second time the country had won the trophy. At the same time, Rashid’s leg-spin played an important role in his title win. Even on the basis of his brilliant bowling, India failed to score runs in the semi-finals and Pakistan in the finals. After a slow start in the first few games, Shaheen Afridi starred in the tournament, but injured himself in the field in the final, which meant he could not fulfill his quota and proved to be the game-changing moment.

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