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What is the relationship of England’s Prime Minister Liz Truss with the T20 World Cup, Jaffer’s interesting analysis


Wasim Jaffer linked the resignation of the British Prime Minister to the T20 World Cup.
Liz Truss is the shortest reigning prime minister in history.

New Delhi. Former Team India legend Wasim Jaffer remains the subject of discussion from time to time for his funny reactions. At the same time, this time too, Jaffer has enjoyed the England team for the resignation of British Prime Minister Liz Truss. Wasim Jaffer has linked the resignation of the Prime Minister to the T20 World Cup. The former all-rounder has done an interesting analysis on Twitter in which he has told about the shortcomings of five teams for the T20 World Cup. One of them is also from England.

Liz Truss has proved to be the shortest reigning prime minister in history. He has served only 45 days. The results came on 5 September after Boris Johnson resigned. In which Liz Truss won and the next day he got the post of Prime Minister. But he has announced his resignation from his post on Thursday. Wasim Jaffer has linked this incident to the T20 World Cup.

Wasim Jaffer analysis

The former all-rounder wrote in a funny analysis for the World Cup, ‘India does not have bowlers faster than 150 km / h. Pakistan does not have a good finisher. New Zealand does not have the experience of playing in Australia. Sri Lanka does not have an experienced team and England does not have a prime minister.

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Fans liked Wasim Jaffer’s tweet

The 44-year-old’s funny tweet has been thoroughly enjoyed by the fans. This tweet is still going viral fast. So far more than 1800 retweets have come on this analysis of Wasim Jaffer. At the same time, more than 31000 people have also liked it.

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