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Where did the prayers go, not true Muslims, that’s why they lost… Pakistani cricketer lashed out at Rizwan-Babar

New Delhi: When the Indian team was defeated by Pakistan for the first time in an ICC event in the T20 World Cup 2021, its players and former players opened fire. When Mohammad Rizwan offered Namaz on the ground, Waqar Yunus proudly praised on National TV and said that doing so among Hindus was special. Waqar apologized when there was a ruckus. When Pakistan’s team was suffering after facing defeat from Zimbabwe, no one’s mouth opened, but after reaching the semi-finals, Rizwan made a statement calling it the victory of the community.

His former Home Minister Sheikh Rashid had declared the victory of Pakistan as the victory of Islam. When England defeated Pakistan in the final, people started questioning it on social media. Now a cricketer from Pakistan has bashed Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan fiercely. In an interview, Zulqarnain Haider not only described England cricketers Adil Rashid and Moin Ali as true Muslims, but also asked Rizwan that where did the prayers go, why he got out after scoring only 10-15 runs and why Pakistan lost?

He said- If you had read Namaz then why didn’t you win. Some got out on 14 and some on 15. Where did some go, where did some go? Brother, you have to read Namaz for yourself. Should be read for worship and not for show off. So where did your prayers go? Why didn’t Pakistan win? England have two players. He is a better Muslim than you. They don’t show off like you. The Muslims of England Adil Rashid and Moin Ali do not offer Namaz in the grounds like you.

Accusing Pakistani players of doing this for photographs, he said – England players do not offer Namaz for photographs. Hashim Amla does not offer Namaz on the ground, but he is a better Muslim. Why did you lose to Zimbabwe, thank Allah that somehow you reached the final. Let us tell that Pakistan was defeated first by India and then by Zimbabwe and its exit was almost certain. However, after the defeat of South Africa in the last, the Netherlands opened the way for him.

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