Why is Team India practicing with colored balls for WTC Final? Learn


World Test Championship final will be played from June 7
Team India is going to play the final for the second time

Portsmouth. The Indian cricket team is busy preparing for the World Test Championship final to be played against Australia (India vs Australia WTC Final) from June 7. The team is currently practicing in different ways after reaching England. In the last few years, the practice sessions of the Indian team have seen many experiments and now in preparation for the World Test Championship, the team is using colored rubber balls so that catches can be taken even if the ball changes direction at the last moment during catching. Don’t be in trouble.

During practice here, Shubman Gill was seen catching catches with green balls. There was also a yellow ball but not the lawn tennis ball that is commonly used by wicketkeepers and close fielders for practice. A renowned fielding coach who has worked for NCA said, ‘These are specially made rubber balls and not the ones used in gully cricket. These are called ‘reaction balls’ and are used for practice in certain countries like England or New Zealand where there is cold air and cold weather.

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When asked about the importance of the green ball, he said, ‘There is no scientific or cricketing reason for any particular colour. But for slip fielders and wicketkeepers, the rubber ball is specially used for catching. He said, ‘England is the only country and to some extent in New Zealand also the ball changes direction by taking the outer edge of the batsman’s bat, which makes catching difficult. Duke ball wobbles even more so practicing with rubber balls as they swing more or wobble. The Indian team has reached the final of the WTC for the second time.

The Indian team had lost to New Zealand in the final last time. Australia’s team will play the final for the first time. The match between the two best teams of the world is expected to be very exciting. Most of the players of India will go to play WTC final after IPL.

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