Women’s Cricket: Team India winning the Under-19 World Cup is just a tableau… Stay tuned, the complete revolution of women’s cricket is yet to come!

New Delhi: If champions like Neeraj Chopra, who won India the gold medal in athletics for the first time in the Olympics, were cheering the young girls sitting in Digha. At that time, perhaps they will realize that if the cup falls in India’s lap, then there can be an unprecedented revolution not only in women’s cricket but also in the Indian mindset regarding women’s sports. Just like after Chopra’s javelin throw gold, now every village child wants to be like him.

Women’s IPL will start

By the way, off the field, the world’s richest board BCCI has already sounded the bugle under the leadership of its young president Jay Shah. For the first time, the match fees of the Indian men’s and women’s team players were made equal. In a single stroke, decades of discrimination ended, due to which women’s cricket has got a different momentum. After this, the broadcasting rights of the Women’s Premier League (WPL) broke the record, calling all the ratings a hoax. And then after this, when 5 IPL teams bought teams by making unexpected bids, now one might doubt that the future of women’s cricket is not bright in any way.

T20 World Cup next month too

Even after all this, there are still two important milestones left. The first stop is going to start in the same South Africa within about two weeks from now. The coach and two key players of the U-19 team will be part of the senior team where the T20 World Cup will be played. The senior team has never been able to become the world champion till date. If this time the senior team also succeeds in repeating the success of Under 19 T on the same African soil, then believe that WPL will be successful in creating its own identity apart from IPL.

By the way, it can be said to be just a coincidence that when Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s team won the first T20 World Cup in September 2007, after that the first IPL event in 2008 changed the picture of Indian cricket as well as the cricket of the whole world. This time if the women’s team wins the World Cup, they will not get much rest and will have to play directly in the WPL in the month of March. But, he will not complain at all because after a few days from now all these players will also be auctioned, in which it is expected that they will also get tremendous financial benefit from it. The junior players have made a start, now the seniors will have to end this wonderful season by winning the trophy.

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